Peas Crostini

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¡Hola! Sorry for the long break in the posts but I am currently in Barcelona learning Spanish and I haven’t had much time for my blog. I am having an awesome here, sangria, sun and the food even though I have been struggling a bit with finding veggie dishes. The recipe today I have actually made at home just before I left so it is like a reminder of home for me :).

My mum bought an organic vegetable basket and fresh peas was part of it. I shelled a pod or two just to taste it and I was hooked, I was then looking for a recipe that would capture this freshness and sweetness of it. I found a Peas, Mint and Parmesan Crostini recipe at Epicurious and I absolutely loved it.
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FinalSo I am back home in Prague for a bit, and I miss houmous, or hummus in America. I would buy about two pots every week when I was in Durham but in Prague it isn’t really available. So I made my own and lots of it. I am now in a bit of houmous-induced food coma but it was definitely worth it. Continue reading

Summer rolls

Spring rolls are my favourite restaurant food but now that I have made them, they are definitely my favourite food to make as well. That and the marinated tofu…
I have always called these spring rolls but apparently they are actually called summer rolls, they are fresh Vietnamese rolls in rice paper and they are great. The first time I had these was during my travelling in Vietnam last summer, I usually prefer the fried version which is slightly less pretty and a lot less healthy, but these rolls with veggies and tofu are just as awesome.
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Pico de Gallo

finalAnd the sun is gone again from Durham, so everyone has gone back to doing house/dinner parties rather than staying outside and one of my friends decided to host a Mexican themed night with fajitas, nachos and some tequila. I volunteered to bring the dips – guacamole and pico de gallo. The guacamole recipe will appear here later but today it is the pico de gallo that I am writing about.
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Basil Pesto


Pesto Finished

I think the summer has finally come to Durham. It is almost sunny and I have been spending my days sitting in the sun and drinking champagne cava. There have been lots of picnics and barbecues but this means that I haven’t been cooking much. However I made time to make this quick but awesome pesto. It is amazing how much better this is compared to the stuff from the jar, I mean I could just eat this with a spoon.
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