Aubergine salad with saffron yoghurt


So I have taken a very long break from this blog. I think this probably a payback for boasting about the great student life I had over the summer. I have been super busy for the past couple of months but I am hoping that this has stopped now.
I am back with a recipe that I shot way back during the summer when I finally got back all my cookbooks that have been in storage for almost two years. I have found not only my Leiths Bible but also the notes from the Leiths cookery course and the first Ottolenghi cookbook I got for Christmas couple of years ago. The vegetable section is so amazing that I just want to go and live in the photos and eat one recipe every day. After looking through the cookbook for two days I finally chose a recipe and made it. And it was so good that I had to share it here only afterwards I realised that it is actually very similar to the courgette one. But it is just as good maybe even slightly better.
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